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It's not the halal you expected BY: ZAHED AMANULLAH

  Nov 05, 2017     Halal Nook

Campbell's Soup is an American icon, embedded in the American culinary subconscious long before artist Andy Warhol featured their soup cans in his most recognized work. So when the Canadian branch of the Edison, NJ food producer started offering halal versions of its popular soups, many people hostile to Muslims proposed a boycott of the company, a situation (along with others) View More

A Full List of Halal Food Additives (E-Numbers) - Halal Guide

  Nov 05, 2017     Halal Nook

What is Halal? Halal is a Quranic term which means allowed or lawful. Halal foods and drinks are permitted for consumption by Allah-the Supreme Law Giver. Eating Halal is obligatory on every Muslim. What is Haram? Haram is a Quranic term which means prohibited or unlawful. Haram foods and drinks are absolutely prohibited by Allah. Eating Haram is forbidden for every Muslim. What is Mushbooh? Mushb View More

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